We've Got You Covered



A business professional whose background includes the following education and experience:

  • Attended Ryerson and University of Toronto to obtain under-graduate bachelors degree
  • Teaching business-related subjects at the high school level
  • Supporting a 600-client function in a Human Resources Manager role for a large, global corporation
  • Obtaining certification as a Professional Project Manager (PMP) and a Program Manager Professional (PgMP), from the Project Management Institute
  • Supporting global customers in a Program Manager role to lead their complex corporate network upgrades and installations

Through my professional and general life experiences, I have realized the significance of “Just In Time” learning and the importance of “giving back”, to share my hard-earned knowledge for the possible benefit of others.

The eBooks are intended to:

  • Save readers time and reduce their stress and frustration levels
  • Assist readers to communicate effectively to make an excellent first impression in their written and face-to-face interactions with others